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  • Frequently Asked Questions about Dove POS

    Q:  What is Dove POS?
    A:   Dove POS is Teleflora’s innovative point-of-sale system that is affordable, easy-to-use and is sure to save you time, money and help you grow your business.

    Q:  I’m a Dove shop, does this mean that I automatically get Dove POS?
    A:  No, Dove POS is a brand new point-of-sale system that is available for purchase.  Please call 800.615.8229 if you are interested in purchasing Dove POS. 

    Q:  Why did Teleflora add another POS system?
    A:   Teleflora has excellent point-of-sale options for its member florists.  In an effort to serve our members even better, we have developed the Dove POS system as another affordable option for any shop and scalable to grow with your shop.

    Q:  Which system is right for me?
    A:   Each of Teleflora’s point-of-sale systems offer various features.  Please contact us and we can help you decide which system is right for your shop. Just call 800.615.8229.

    Q:  How can I buy Dove POS?
    A:   Please call 800.615.8229 if you are interested in purchasing Dove POS.

    Q:  How much does Dove POS cost?
    A:  Dove POS is scalable; therefore, pricing varies. However, it is affordable for every shop. Call 800.615.8229 for more information.

    Q:  I’m an Eagle/Daisy/RTI shop, does this mean that I have to buy a Dove POS system?
    A:  No, we are continuing to develop and support our Eagle, Daisy and RTI Point-of-Sale products.  However, in the future, Eagle, Daisy and RTI shops will be able to take advantage of the technology platform (Microsoft’s .NET Framework) that Dove POS uses. 

    Q:  How is Microsoft working with Teleflora?
    A:  Dove POS was built using the Microsoft .NET Framework.  This makes Dove POS scalable to any shop.

    Q:  How will Dove POS affect my other Teleflora services (Dove, credit card, eFlorist)?
    A:   Dove POS integrates with your other Teleflora services (Dove, credit card and eFlorist).

    Q:  I’m a shop in Canada, can I purchase Dove POS?
    A:  Currently, there is no Canadian version of Dove POS available.

    Q:  I’m a member of the media and want more information about Dove POS, whom should I speak with?
    A:   Please contact us via e-mail at
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