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  • The Retail Florist 

    • shares florists' tips that save time, bring new customers to your shop and make you money
    • is an information-packed monthly newsletter shares successful management techniques that have helped real-life flower shops make more money
    • gives you more ways to make money each day with marketing and merchandising tips, promotion ideas and the keys to effective employee management.  

    2010 Aug RF CoverIn This Issue – August 2010

    • Teen Sales: 5 Simple Rules for Success
      Retailers know that teens have money. And like to spend it. The economic worries of their parents haven’t affected their spending in any measurable way. Now more than ever, welcoming teens into your shop can be a revenue boost. Read on to learn how you can make your shop more attractive to teens.
    • Reality Check
      How to take best advantage of your shop’s display windows, even on a limited budget.
    • When Working Hard Hurts Your Business
      There’s a difference between an exceptional worker and a workaholic. Dedicated workers are passionate contributors who bring skill and care to every task. Workaholics, on the other hand, often under produce and can have a negative impact on your business for the long term.
    • Mentoring Your Managers by Sam Viviano
      How to develop a strong management team, and how to use these principles to grow the potential of any team member.
    • Supporting a Town and Its Teens
      This florist is working hard to revitalize her town, and lends her support, shop and talents to local high school students.
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