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    August 2010

    On the Cover
    “With permanent botanicals, most designers want to go for a structured look,” says Bob Hampton. “Instead, you should treat permanents like fresh. Let them breathe.” For more of Bob’s living-and-breathing designs, see “True to Life” in this issue.

    Inside: the design features excerpted below, plus:

    • The 2010 Flowers& Design Contest finalists! Pick your top three favorites and vote for them using the postage-paid ballot card (bound into the print issue of Flowers&). Winners will be announced in the November issue. 
    • An excerpt from Botanical Art: For Your Eyes Only, the fabulous new book from two award-winning British designers that pushes the boundaries of floral design. 
    • Focus on Design, A Way with Display, Creative Edge, Shop Profile, Fresh Focus, Best Sellers, and other popular departments.

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    True to Life 
    Naturalistic décor with permanent and dried materials.
    Floral design by Bob Hampton AIFD, AAF, PFCI
    Photography by Ron Derhacopian

    Roman luxury 
    By pairing a tiger-striped bromeliad with wood berry sprays at the center of this overflowing footed bowl, Bob has created a focal area that’s soothing and restful to the eye, a visual anchor for the bright, dripping citrus garland and pendant, catkin-like racemes of Stachyuras praecox around the rim. Bright green dried yarrow and ferny orbs fill in the space between.



    0810 Flowers& Bob


    Tricks & Treats 
    Creative ideas for Halloween decorating.
    Floral design by Joyce Mason-Monheim AIFD, AAF, PFCI
    Photography by Ron Derhacopian

    Holy smokes, Batman!
    Silk holly leaves make convincing, spooky, lightweight bats. Glue two leaves together first, then pin the pair to a piece of cardboard and spray them with flat black paint. Let them dry, turn them over and spray the other side. Joyce has hung the bats from black mitsumata branches with nearly invisible, fine-gauge fishing line. Some of the branches are horizontal, wired to the verticals with black aluminum wire, the better to hang the bats.

    0810 Flowers& Halloween

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