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    Increase Your Design Knowledge!

    One of the opportunities that Teleflora florists across the county now have available to them is the chance to receive a scholarship to Teleflora's state-of-the-art education center in Oklahoma City.

    How does it work?
    Each Unit has the opportunity to award a scholarship. The process is open to individuals who want to advance their education, are committed to improving the floral industry, and who need financial assistance in order to do so. The scholarship includes tuition, transportation, lodging and meals.

    Why is Teleflora doing this?
    Teleflora remains committed to providing the best opportunities to florists. As a pioneer in the field of floral education, Teleflora continues to pave the way for industry success.

    How do I get an application?
    For more information or to receive an application, contact your local Unit President. If you are unsure who your Unit President is, please contact Lottie Slovacek (Industry Relations) at 800.321.2654 x3591.

    When is the deadline?
    The Units must have their recipient chosen and submitted to Industry Relations by March 1st of each year. After the deadline has passed, you may still send in an application for the following year.

    Please take a look at the upcoming classes.

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